Quick start guide

November 28, 2016 0 By jvmtech

Step 1: Purchase software license

The software developed by JVM Co., LTD Vietnam at https://jvmtech.co/shop . Once purchased our sale will contact and help you to set up software.

If you’re not interested in set up by your own hardware, you can use our cloud based platform. It’s free!

Step 2: Servers requirements

— GPU group servers: 4 GPU (RTX 2080 Super at least)

— Database server: 4 sockets required due to high transactions with high SAS SSD drvies

Step 3: ISO boot & ready to run

Step 4: Login admin portal

Enter account / auth key / secret numbers provided by our sale team

Step 5: Export analytics

1/ Navigate menu
2/ Export analytics
3/ Choose product category
4/ Go to export panel

Step 6: Choose keywords & Products

Step 7: Enjoy your first AI comparasion application

Technical help

EMAIL: [email protected]
PHONE: +84913364993